The Congress of Company-Customer Relations (CONAREC) event took place September 12 and 13 at Hotel Transamerica in Sao Paulo, Brazil. CONAREC is Brazil’s largest national event dedicated to customer relationships. Thousands of executives from major global and local organizations gather every year to discuss customer relationship and customer experience trends and share innovative ideas and best practices. This year, more than 4,000 people participated in the two-day event where keynote speakers presented trade news discussing ‘Millennials’ as their main theme. Sitel, an official sponsor of the event, was present at the event in partnership with Paulo Miri, Whirlpool President Home Appliances Brazil, as the two discussed industry transformations.


“For BPO companies, CONAREC is the main opportunity each year to strengthen our relationships with clients and prospects and show them how to improve their business operations with new technologies,” said Geraud Mazel, COO – Brazil.


During the event, speakers demonstrated how millennials’ actions are changing the marketplace. Their actions are impacting not only companies but also their peers – teasing companies to invest in new strategies.


“Today, customer experience is indispensable – even for companies that have had a more discreet relationship with their consumers in the past,” said Mazel.


It is no coincidence that Sitel’s client, Whirlpool – along with their brands Brastemp, Consul and KitchenAid – has improved its methods. Today they are constantly concerned with increasingly complex expectations of consumers. To meet these demands, they have reinvented themselves by conveying innovation throughout – from products to their customer relationships. Sitel Group participates in this strategy by offering customer journey consulting and developing the platforms for these journey improvements such as the Intelligent Contact Hub – a self-care platform that direct from voice contact to digital service.


“This was a unique opportunity to illustrate our case study with Whirlpool and the hard work of Sitel, Learning Tribes and The Social Client,” said Mazel.

Sitel Group