Insights|A Brand-New Brand Message for Sitel Group®

A Brand-New Brand Message for Sitel Group®

Devised and developed by our people, for our people and a testament to our commitment to improving the experience for our associates, our clients and their customers, Sitel Group’s new brand message is: Create Connection. Value Conversation.

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by Martin Wilkinson-Brown September 17, 2020 - 3 MIN READ

A business transformation has a clear starting point but no endpoint. It’s an evolutionary journey constantly informed by changes in the marketplace, advances in technology and driving forces that shape customer behavior and expectation.

However, along this journey, one constant remains: our people. Our employees are what our business culture is shaped around; and with our people-centric approach, the only way to implement a successful transformation. A transformation that ensures we continually meet our clients’ changing business challenges and crucially, one that continues to prioritize the employee experience.

Our transformational approach to customer experience (CX) management and delivery is why we have created and officially launched EXP+TM – our new Enterprise Experience Platform. It is a flexible solution with complete cloud capability, designed to simplify the delivery of end-to-end CX services, boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

However, the direction of this product transformation is a direct result of our ongoing cultural transformation. It’s only by directly engaging with our 90,000 associates around the globe who enable us to connect brands with their customers over 4.5 million times a day, every day, that we can take such innovative ideas, ground them in our clients’ reality and be certain of delivering tangible results.

It’s our people’s capabilities, experience and industry understanding that breathes life into everything we do. This is why we asked our associates around the world to articulate what they believe our culture to be and what. 

A [Brand] New Brand Message

In our continued transformative journey to further elevate the CX for the brands we support, we took a step back to assess and make sure our brand message reflected who we truly are as a business. We knew that we had to start with learning from our own associates about who they think we are as a business. Our new brand message reflects not only a phrase of WHAT we do at Sitel Group®, but it reflects HOW we do it.

Create Connection. Value Conversation.


As an innovative, forward-thinking business process outsourcing (BPO) player, we are constantly innovating and producing results through new ideas and imaginative skills. We think outside the box; we are creative; we are doers. We Create.


We are more connected than ever before. We’re connected to each other, to our clients’ customers. We connect and integrate technologies and our expertise to bring brands closer to their customers, 4.5 million times every day. We enable Connection.


We make a tangible difference and are proud of the role we play in a brand’s CX delivery. Our people embody our clients’ brands. We add value.


We recognize that at the heart of each contact is a human, emotional exchange. We are a people-first business, one fueled by our employees’ capabilities. Regardless of channel, we have human conversations; we make a difference by being closer to each other and working together. We empower Conversation.

Built For Our Brand, By Our People

Our new brand message reflects who we are as an innovative, entrepreneurial and people-centric business. Balancing people and innovative solutions, we focus on the heart of our role – the power of conversation.

A Sitel® MAX Project: MAX Culture

In late 2019, the Sitel MAX, or My Associate Experience, the team launched a project around MAX Culture: to define a new brand message, developed in partnership with our associates around the globe. 

MAX Culture was a huge success, with over 1,000 participants from across the MAX community sharing thoughts and ideas about the evolution of our brand message among activities such as:

  • 748 team members globally answered our MAX Culture survey
  • 291 participated in a card-sorting exercise
  • Nearly 100 members of the MAX community joined MAX Culture workshops in 16 different countries in our global footprint

What We Learned

As you can imagine, we had hundreds of thoughts and ideas to look through and received 93 different suggestions for future brand messages. We then categorized the inputs from each step in the process and identified brand themes that resonated with our people around the world. 

For our people, Sitel Group means:

  • Togetherness is valued: Working together to achieve amazing things. We celebrate our diversity and individuality across cultures and backgrounds AND value the sense of belonging that connects our Sitel family.
  • Creating connections: We are in a business of emotional, human interaction. Whether it is connecting with each other, with customers or with clients and prospects, it is the deep connections that we build across conversations that make the difference.

As a final step, we created three potential brand messages and invited our associates – from inside and outside the MAX community – vote for their favorite. The result? We had more than 11,000 votes in just eight days – this equated to 15% of our global workforce at the time and a level of involvement and engagement of which we are immensely proud.

This level of engagement has helped us transform our brand message. At Sitel Group we Create Connection. Value Conversation. – four words that illuminate what we promise and how we keep that promise.

We are Sitel Group. Create Connection. Value Conversation.

written by Martin Wilkinson-Brown Chief Marketing Officer
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