Insights|4 Steps toward Creating a Seamless CX

4 Steps toward Creating a Seamless CX

Building an effective, seamless customer experience (CX) seems to be a moving target, with customer expectations changing and expanding to include the latest digital channels. How can you create an effective CX strategy that will pave a path to seamless CX?

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by Sitel staff November 7, 2022 - 2 MIN READ

Ninety-four percent of consumers recognize the impact of CX, and 58% of them know it’s a defining factor when making purchasing decisions and choosing one brand over another. As you look to the future and think about how to improve your organization’s CX delivery, consider these questions. 

Consider your brand’s “availability” to customers: 

  • Which channels or devices do they use to contact you? 
  • Do they try self-service and then call, or vice versa? 
  • Do they ask questions on social media? 
  • Do they find help externally — from other customers, discussion boards, etc.? 
  • Where do they learn about new products and services? 

Now, consider what today’s customers expect: 

  • Simplicity and convenience: They want fast, easy answers through whatever channel they prefer — phone, self-service content on your website, chat, social media, email, etc. 
  • Accuracy and empathy: The margin for error is low and the threshold for frustration is close to zero. A frictionless, proactive customer experience is a must. 

Companies need to create a seamless customer experience to meet such expectations, which may require major internal changes to get the entire organization working to improve customer service. 

1. Build technology around customer journeys. 

Instead of building systems around specific products, functions or lines of business, focus on your customers and what they want and need to accomplish. Then, identify the simplest paths to resolution based on detailed analysis across all channels. 

2. Bridge disparate systems with data integration. 

Customers expect you to know them, but with more ways to connect than ever before, vital information can get scattered along the journey. Focus on integrating customer data such as account details, behavior and preferences for a seamless customer experience and gain a consistent, accurate view of your customers and relationships. 

3. Eliminate silos and streamline operational processes. 

Identify who should be involved in supporting the customer across all departments and engagement channels. Gain support from executive leadership to create a holistic view of the customer and their service experience. Collaborate to break down the silos that prevent optimizing the support journey. 

4. Train agents to interact on multiple channels. 

Customer service agents should be just as comfortable using chat and other digital tools as your customers are, and know all versions of your website well enough to help customers navigate. Identify common support scenarios and create scripts to help agents respond quickly and accurately until they’re able to do so independently, and make sure they know to escalate issues when needed. 

A Platform for Seamless CX 

In order to create the right environment for end-to-end customer service, organizations can rely on Sitel Group® technology such as Unified Agent Desktop by innso, offering access to customer information across touchpoints. Breaking down silos helps offer the seamless experience that makes your company stand out and your customers choose your brand over your competitors. 

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