This year has certainly been one of change in customer experience (CX) management, yet the ideas of technology, trust and emotion remain constant.

From the launch of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the growing popularity of voice assistants for connecting consumers with companies, to the growing realization that CX is a crucial investment for organizations that want to get ahead of the competition; Sitel Group’s Top 10 blog articles from 2018 prove that technology, trust, and emotion continue to drive the CX industry, dictating its trends and shaping its future.  

  1. The GDPR: an opportunity for brands to build a trust-based relationship
  2. Retail Trends 2018: The five trends set to shape retail this year
  3. 2020 Trends: A look to Our customer Experience Future
  4. How Voice Assistants are changing our daily lives
  5. Why investing in CX makes economic sense
  6. Why Amazon Skills arbitration will help your business be heard
  7. From Customer Experience to Customer Emotion
  8. How car Companies are Making the Customer care connection
  9. No Trust, No Business: Hub Forum 2018 Makes the future of commerce clear
  10. Why You Must Focus on Employee Engagement to deliver Better Customer Experience

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