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With the rise of #AI and #bots, #CX and the #Customer Journey are at the center of debates. In this article,… https://t.co/xcG0nxb9Cu
By Sitel Group, May 24, 2018

This year’s Sitel Summit welcomed more than 200 senior executives from some of the world’s best-known brands including AXA, HP and UnitedHealth Group, alongside leading industry analysts from Gartner, Frost & Sullivan and Everest Group to The EDITION Miami Beach. The event focused on understanding key trends and factors redefining the concept of customer experience.

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During a merger, #brands that invest in empowering their internal teams, communicate effectively to customers and t… https://t.co/cQNasrUd8V
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#Traditional vs. #Digital is a constant struggle in a dematerialized world. How do companies juggle #CX from brick… https://t.co/2CM7pnNcyN
By Sitel Group, May 17, 2018

In the coming weeks, Amazon’s virtual assistant will be getting some very intelligent new skills. And the smartest of which, from a business standpoint, will be something that director of applied science, Alexa Machine Learning, Ruhi Sarikaya calls “Skills Arbitration.”

By Sitel Group, May 9, 2018

A French company that has set the benchmark in the butane, propane and natural gas sector since 1951, Antargaz-Finagaz has continued to keep its place in the industry through transforming its business in terms of proactivity, creativity and crucially, productivity.

By Sitel Group, May 8, 2018

How can the insurance industry take the steps it needs to meet modern consumer expectations and to maintain loyalty? The insurance industry is one that operates under increasing, constantly changing regulation, and with the threat of any number of potential natural disasters on the horizon, while always mitigating risk at all costs.

By Sitel Group, May 8, 2018

Today, Sitel Group announced that it has appointed Alexandre Lebrun, head of Engineering at Facebook AI Research (FAIR), to its board of directors – a move that signals the company’s continued progression toward offering artificially intelligent digital solutions to its clients.

By Sitel Group, May 3, 2018

From technological innovation to data security, Facebook continues moving forward and continues highlighting the growing opportunities while addressing the responsibilities of conversational business.

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