Sitel Work@Home Solutions

What is Sitel Work@Home Solutions™?

Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ is a virtual employee-based model, built upon Sitel’s 30 years of outsourced customer care experience and proven industry research with an extended recruiting footprint. Our Work@Home Solutions™ have shown that putting the right people in the right roles improved employee satisfaction and retention, resulting in superior results for your business.

Sitel employs geographically dispersed, specialized customer care agents who are handpicked and aligned to meet our clients’ specific needs. Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ can help you enhance hiring decisions, build a scalable workforce, increase productivity, and improve training. We’ve got the knowledge, experience, and technique to take your business to the next level.

How does Work@Home work?

Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ complements the traditional brick-and-mortar contact center model, preparing you for peak season, low season, and everywhere in between. A scalable, flexible, and highly secure customer service model that accommodates the changing work environment, Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ lets you handle seasonal volumes by giving you the adaptability to meet both planned and unplanned capacity demands.

Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ is a premium customer care solution that is focused on optimizing the customer experience and delivering stronger brand integrity for our clients and their customers. We do this via a model that employs full-time, part-time, and flex associates across the US, Germany and Canada using both fully virtual and hub and spoke model.

Sitel provides front & back office voice and non-voice transactions supporting all customer interactions channels. What’s more, Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ incorporate world class hiring and training programs and is comprised of a highly secure technology platform.

Discover more about our Work@Home Solutions™

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