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Ramping up contact center capacity to meet peak demands is one of the toughest issues that a customer relations executive may face. Peak Season solutions are never easy, but Sitel’s global scale, capacity, flexibility and experience are answering the call just in time.


  • @AndersonMich Michelle Anderson Jun 23

    RT @AndersonMich: "We know our online clients better than we know our in store clients" @V_BLestienne @thesocialclient #ecd2016 #crm https:…

  • @Sitel_WorldWide Sitel Jun 23

    User experience is at the heart of everything. #customerjourney from A-Z #customerexperience #ECD2016 #Uber

  • @DJVassallo Delfin Vassallo Jun 23

    RT @DJVassallo: Yeah Snapchat started as very teen focused but latest trend is showing Gen Xs are joining massively, same phenomena than Fa…