After Car Accident, Local Resident Finds Help from Work-at-Home Option


A New Year’s Eve car accident eight years ago caused by a drunk driver hurt Doyle Bode Hammer’s back, his ability to continue in his chosen career and his feelings of self-worth.

“Not having a job when you’re someone who is used to working, it’s bad on so many levels because you feel worthless,” the Cleveland, Tennessee resident said.

Hammer grew up in a construction family. Building houses from the ground-up is all he had ever done, he said. After the accident, he spent about five years doing odd jobs.

Hammer would apply for jobs, and hiring agents would look at his résumé and say that his skills didn’t transfer, despite his associate’s degree in computer science. “People don’t want to give you a chance in a new field,” he said. “It was really hard on me emotionally because I really enjoyed my work.”

Eventually, he found Sitel, a global customer care provider that provides support and billing assistance for major satellite companies. Sitel’s work-at-home platform is an ideal fit for people in Hammer’s situation or who don’t live close to call centers.

Hammer is now a customer service representative who can work from home. He did a training program to get him used to working with customers over the phone, and his at-home work allows him to take breaks and rehab his back when needed.

Obviously, a life-threatening accident changes a person’s life perspective, Hammer said. “You feel like nothing can happen to you, like you have everything figured out,” he said. “But then, something bad happens, and you realize how life is short. You could lose everything. It’s nice to have a company who is willing to give [people] a chance.”

In addition to providing opportunities for people like Hammer, the work-at-home platform allows the company to broaden its employee base.