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Let’s Not Fear Robots and AI: They Make Our Lives Easier – and Us More Human

The news was presented as a hard blow for humankind. Recently, the computer program Libratus, designed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, beat four professional poker players during a tournament lasting several days at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The final score: nearly $1.8 million in winnings for the supercomputer! It’s the first time in […]


Sitel Barcelona Delivers Best-in-Class Customer Experiences and Careers

Sitel Barcelona employs more than 1,000 associates supporting local and international clients from a broad range of vertical industries.


Sitel & Volotea: A Successful Partnership Takes Flight

Spanish Airline Volotea Celebrates Milestone with Sitel Since they were founded in 2012, Volotea, the low-cost Spanish airline, has partnered with Sitel for their customer experience management solutions. Last May, Volotea and Sitel celebrated their fifth anniversary. “Sitel’s relationship with Volotea shows our commitment to start-up companies,” said Esmeralda Mingo, General Manager of Sitel Spain, […]


Stop Stalling and Start Installing Bots to Ensure a Successful Digital Customer Experience

For Sitel and our digital consulting partners at The Social Client, there is no doubt. The future of customer experience involves bots. Today, 55 percent of internet surfers use instant messaging daily. For the millennial generation, web chat and social media are their primary contact channels. Within five years, we believe up to 80 percent of […]


Botshore, Bots Trainers or Bots Managers: Imagining the Future of Customer Relationships

Acticall Sitel Group’s Botshore™ concept completes our global multi-shore market offerings and delivers on our vision for the present and future of customer experience management. In the near future of customer relationships, artificial intelligence (AI) will coincide with an evolution of the advisor’s role and appearance of new trades. First, there will be several levels […]


What is a Chatbot? Why Should You Care?

What is a chatbot? The Oxford dictionary defines a chatbot as “a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet.” It seems like bots are a hot topic these days; but what exactly are bots? First, it’s important to highlight the differences between bots and artificial intelligence (AI). While they function […]


7 Digital Customer Experience Best Practices to Know

Vanessa Boudin-Lestienne is the General Manager EMEA and Associate Founder of The Social Client. Here she shares her insights on digital customer experience and seven areas you should focus on now. 1) Conversations at the heart of our interactions Today’s digital customer experience places mobile phones at the heart of all interactions. This results in […]


Three Ways to Maximize Your Call Center Week Experience

We are counting down the days to one of our favorite events – Call Center Week! This year’s event is being held again at The Mirage in Las Vegas the week of June 26th. Over the years we’ve learned a few things about making the most of your time at one of the industry’s biggest […]


European Customer Day 2017: Keynote Video and Learnings

The second European Customer Day at the Gaîté Lyrique Center, Paris, brought together more than 400 Customer Care professionals from all over Europe for a day-long exploration of what the future holds around the theme of “Enhanced Humans.” Arnaud de Lacoste, Chief Marketing and Ventures Officer of Acticall Sitel Group, kicked off proceedings by tackling Artificial […]


Highlights from Sitel Summit 2017

Sitel Summit 2017 proved to be an incredible experience that brought together industry experts, analysts, clients and thought leaders to exchange ideas and explore the digital transformation of customer experience!     Behind-the-Scenes at Sitel Summit 2017 Watch highlights and hear what those attending had to say about this one-of-a-kind event: Here’s what Ivan Kotzev, […]

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